The Mysterious Rise Of Nose Bleedings In Islamabad

If you live in Islamabad and haven’t experienced nose bleeding in this weather, you must have at least heard about it. This strange trend was noticed by many after started to experience excessive nose bleeding in the past few days. While this might seem mysterious or an indication of something serious, the reason behind it is quite simple. This news hasn’t made it to the mainstream media yet but many have shared their experience on social media. People who have been a victim to this are reporting nose bleeding, itching in the nose and a dry throat.

All of this is due to the very dry air that has taken over the twin cities, and many surrounding cities too. The level of humidity in the air is dangerously low at present. This condition often prevails in countries like Saudi Arabia but it is not very common in Pakistan.

As explained by Dr. Muhammad Zaid Ur Rehman; a general physician at Marham this condition can be easily combated. You just have to drink more water and keep your skin, including the nose moisturized. If available, using a humidifier in your house or room can be the most effective technique to combat dry hair. If you experience a nose bleed, just lay down with your head tilted backward. Simply rub the bridge of your nose with an ice cube or use nasal decongestant spray, to prevent future bleeding.

Dr. Muhammad Zaid Ur Rehman also warns against the static current in this dry weather. If you touch something and experience a small current, that too might be the result of the very dry air.

With our fingers crossed we hope and pray that this bizarre rise in nose bleeding in Islamabad too shall pass, even before it makes it to the news.

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